Lewis & Taggart


An assemblage, a book, six gifts, an event: These rest stops collectively frame Opening Sculpture – a response to the constellation of conditions (such as the hovering presence of six charming carpenters, and the dizzying effect of cheap beer compounded with sharply spiraling staircases) that surround the exhibition space at Tag Team Studio.

Andrew Taggart and Chloe Lewis are a Canadian artist duo based in Bergen, where they received a collaborative MFA in 2010. Recent projects include a roving museum in Calgary, Canada, conceived to celebrate the unusual social history of a local river, a public ribbon-cutting office installed within the central shopping district of Sandnes, Norway, and a conflated memorial to the recently departed cultural icons Louise Bourgeois and Dennis Hopper, who both left this world during a weekend last May. In parallel to their studio practice, Lewis & Taggart operate The Museum of Longing and Failure, a small museum based in Bergen that manifests from time to time in faraway places.


Fredag 13. Mai kl 20:00

Åpent kun på fredag 13. Mai fra kl 20:00