Mathijs van Geest

24.04 – 10.05.2015

In ‘A glasshouse way of reading’ Mathijs van Geest presents new sculptures, drawing, film and photographs. Van Geest composed an exhibition where he integrates the gallery space of Tag-Team with its office area, kitchen and wood workshop. Through this gesture he looks upon implications on the exhibition space in relation to the studio and alternative productive environments.

The glasshouse mentioned in the exhibition title is a personal reference to the artist’s father, who worked as a florist right behind their home. Living around this transparent foundation, observation becomes a strong element of behaviour. For ‘A glasshouse way of reading’ Mathijs van Geest evaluates the relation between production values and observation as part of his main artistic practice. His work is subtle, effortless yet deeply serious, seeking for literary potential in the sidelines of everyday life.

Mathijs van Geest’s practice is signified by its pliability. He moves freely between techniques and media, between curating, publishing and collaborations. Besides his own practice Mathijs is part of art collaboration Katla and with Bjørn Mortensen he is founder of Apis Press.

Fredag 24. april kl 19:00

Lørdag kl 12:00 - 17:00
Søndag kl 12:00 - 17:00

Mandag - fredag: Åpent etter avtale
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