Mill Race Presents

13.04 – 15.04.2012

A light-installation inspired by a rippletank, a shallow glass tank of water, used in the teaching of physics and engineering to demonstrate the basic properties of waves. How one comes to understand not only space but also a system through observation, experimentation and a given set of rules.

Placing the gallery, face up, on the floor in another showroom.

The show is mirroring the planes of the gallery towards one another. Filling the room with color. It is a constellation of light and reflection.

Ilija Wyller (b. 1987) graduated from Bergen national academy of arts, department of fine art in the spring of 2011. Ilija works with color and spatial compositions that are based on the dimensions and the architecture of a given site.

Mill Race is an object as well as a Gallery space . It is portable and can be opened anywhere, this paves the way for artists to work both in a white cube, but also with the environment and the external context in which the gallery is placed. Instead of only bringing the art into the gallery, the gallery itself, can be incorporated in a site specific work or project, and open a dialogue between the public space and more specifically the gallery space. Most of all, Mill Race Gallery is a physical and mental playground for artists who want to explore this format and the issues it entails.

Utstillingsåpning: Fredag 13. April kl 20.00


Lørdag 14. April: 12:00 – 18:00
Søndag 15. April: 12:00 – 18:00

Utstillingen står til og med søndag 15. April