Skrivestue is a project initiated as a response to the fact that we have a flourishing art scene yet surprisingly few art critics/art writers in Bergen. Tag Team wanted to address this issue, and started Skrivestue as a project/program lasting throughout 2019.

Six writers have been invited to use Tag Team as their work space during this entire period, consequently turning the gallery into a writers’ hub: Tora Sanden Døskeland, Henning Bergsvåg, Caroline Larikka, Mette Paust-Andersen, Renate Synnes Handal and Vilde Tuv. Each of them has chosen one (or several) Bergen based artists to write about throughout the year.

As a part of Skrivestue we also host different events and writing workshops, open to a general pubic. Tag Team's aim with Skrivestue is to create a community where artists, academics, poets and other curious writers can develop their own style of writing about art.